Cleaver : Rise of the Killer Clown is a 2015 film directed by MJ Dixon. It's the 5th feature length production from Mycho Entertainment Group.

Plot Summary

Five years ago Carlton Layton escaped after a massacre in his own home, he has not been seen since that night. Five years later on Halloween Night, Carley, a young college student, is hired to take care of a little girl as her parents head out to a Halloween party, but someone one is waiting, someone wants the girl, someone who we know as "The Cleaver". 


Body Count

Victim Killer Method
Sara Allen Cleaver Cleaver to the head.
Caroline Layton Cleaver to the head. Killed in a flashback.
Caroline's Lover Hatchet to the back of the head. Killed in a flashback.
Danny Jackson Chopped off screen with a cleaver. Body found chopped up in a trash can.
Katey Kirby Head chopped off with a cleaver.
Carley Lewis Killed off screen. Body found wrapped in Christmas lights and face craved like a jack-o-lantern.
Stephanie and Peter Bailey Killed off screen. Bodies found later by police.

Spin-offs, Sequels & Prequels


  • In 2015, backers of the Indiegogo campaign received a special uncut edition of Cleaver on DVD. The box art was orange with Cleaver featured on the cover with the tagline, "No more clowning around".
  • Also in 2015, backs of the Indiegogo campaign received a limited edition copy of Cleaver on VHS. It came in a green case featuring the same art and tagline as the campaign backer DVD.
  • The 1st edition DVD was released in 2016 featuring the same Cleaver image from the previous two copies with more detail in the background. There was no tagline featured on this version of the DVD.
  • The green edition was released in 2019. It featured Cleaver as well as several other characters from the film with a green tint. The cover also featured the films accolades and the quote, "Cleaver is an absolute low budget masterpiece." by Morbidly Beautiful.


  • Official Selection - Fright Night Film Fest 2016
  • Official Selection - Horror-on-Sea Film Festival 2016
  • Official Selection - Unreal Film Fest 2016


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