Red is on the hunt for a serial killer and on the city mean streets, she finds her man, but what is a low rent killer doing with a calling card from A rich boys hunting club? For Red the mystery is just beginning and what it leads to may mean the end of her vigilante career. Features a side story about Cleaver.
Following her encounter with Sam the Slaughter. a street level slasher, Red finds herself on the trail of a mysterious hunting club, but what secret does it hold? Red is about to find out as she finds herself thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse as she comes face to face with the Legendary Wolvesbury Slayer.
Red is in deep, DEEP trouble. Her exploration of Wolvesbury led to her uncovering a twisted leisure club where the rich hunt young women for kicks and now she finds herself a target. Can she escape the clutches of the Huntsmen? or is she about to find the true mastermind behind this Savage Blood sport?
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