MYCast is a monthly podcast that aims to shed some light on behind the scenes of Mycho productions, as well as the indie horror world in general. The podcast will be monthly with episodes going up exclusively to Patreon a month in advance.

Episode List

Episode No. Release Date Guest Description Link
1 February 16 2020 (Patreon)
March 31, 2020 (Public)
Derek Nelson This month our special guest is non other than, Derek Nelson(CleaverS : Killer Clowns, PandaMonium) as we talk about an American Werewolf Actor in Wales and what its like being Killed on film as well as doing the killing.

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2 April 1 2020 (Patreon)
April 20, 2020 (Public)
Adam Dillon This weeks special guest is Mycho Patient Zero Adam Dillon(Hollower, Slasher House) as we talk about casting Slasher House, Location scouting and developing the spin-off movie Hollower.

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3 April 15 2020 (Patreon)
May 14 2020 (Public)
Luna Wolf This weeks podcast is with Mycho Legend Luna Wolf(Slasher House 2, Slasher House 3) as we talk about working with other filmmakers, developing on-screen characters and more.

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4 May 1 2020 (Patreon)
Georgie Smibert This week we have UK Based Aussie Actress Georgie Smibert(Cleaver series, Slaypril Fools 82 series) as we talk about acting, action and accents as well as battle various clown looking bad guys across time and space.

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5 May 18 2020 (Patreon)
Will Jones This week we take to Mycho Newcomer Will Jones(PandaMonium, Slasher House 3) about his part in Pandamonium, playing the 'lead', what we can expect from Slasher House 3 and what its like working on other projects as a filmmaker.

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