Mask of Thorn is a 2019 film written and directed by MJ Dixon. It's the 6th feature length production from independent studio Mycho Entertainment.

Plot Summary

Bethany Lovell has struggled to fit in her whole life. Between over bearing parents and her odd behavior she has always felt like she was on the outside. That is until Avondale's popular clique kidnap her for a surprise birthday party to celebrate her sweet sixteen.

What they don't realize is that Bethany is now the target of the urban legend known as 'Thorn' and tonight he has returned for her and nothing will stand in his way, as the Bloodletting Behemoth cuts his way through the small town in search of his latest victim and only one person can stop him.


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Body Count

Victim Killer Method
Rosie Thorn Head crushed with hand.
Gloria Jones Off Screen
Pamela Hill Stabbed through the back, cut in half.
Lance Manning Sword thrown into chest.
Bucky Thorn Head crushed using his hands.
Andy Jimson Head split in half with sword.
Tom Jenkins Stabbed through the back, head crushed with boot.
Julia Barrington Held against wall by throat. Sword used to slice in half vertically.
Derek Lovell Head chopped off with sword.
Joyce Lovell Neck snapped with one hand.
Cult Member #1 Stabbed off screen.
Cult Memeber #2 Face sliced off.
Cult Member #3 Off screen.
Mina Adams Suffered several wounds while battling Thorn. Struck by lightning while holding onto Thorn.


  • Mask of Thorn was released on DVD November 18th, 2019 in the UK. The box art features Thorn holding his sword with a blue tint.
  • As part of the Indiegogo campaign Mask of Thorn was released on VHS. The box art is yellow and features Thorn, Bethany and Julia with the tagline, "The nightmare begins tonight!".


  • Official Selection - Horror-on-Sea Film Festival 2018
  • Official Selection - MeggaXP's Blood Bath 2019



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