Slaypril Fools 82 is a short film written and directed by MJ Dixon. Originally available exclusively to supporters on the Mycho Patreon, the short film was released to the public on April 1st, 2020.

Plot Summary

One year ago, Milton High, Three students played a prank of school nerd Jeremiah Proctor. The result, he was driven insane.

Its now 1982 and someone fancies themselves as a practical Joker, with a deadly taste for revenge. Jerry has escaped and now he wants to show just how funny he can be as he picks off the students of Milton High, one by one. 

Can Meredith stop him, or will the joke be on them??!!


  • Georgie Smibert as Meredith Mayweather
  • Richard Fysh as Jeremiah Proctor/The Prankster
  • Paris Rivers as Zeek
  • Eve Kathryn Oliver as Hazel
  • Martin W Payne as Dr. Pillsburg and Janitor
  • Tiana Rogers as Jennifer Proctor
  • Paul Rogers as Lecturer

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